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About Jill

It all started when I was about the age of 10.  It was the mid-1970's and my mom had painted an old 1800's school desk a frosty pink and placed it in the corner of my bedroom.  When I wasn't playing school at that desk, I wrote in my first diary which was also pink...


Writing has been a need as essential to my well-being as water.

* Excerpt from memoir, Getting Over Vivian

Before a time of video games and 24-hour cartoons, I sat at that pink desk immersed in a methodical silence.  That solitude permitted me the luxury, if not necessity, to ponder. It still amazes me how the serendipitous placement of a particular item in a room; a warm lamp or a shelf to house favorite books, can transform an environment and sometimes provoke new behavior.  An item placed, just so.  Changing destiny.  A magical renovation.

I put ink to paper in my first diary while sitting in that desk, setting in stone a proclivity to write the rest of my life. I calculated my future age for the year 2000 on my first calculator. I practiced my first skills as a teacher as I led either a mute classroom of dolls and stuffed animals or my less willing younger brother and exasperated friends in dittoed lessons.



Since receiving my pink Five-Year Diary at age 10, my life has been navigated through the written word.  Coming of age during a time of radical economic downturn in Denver, I began my post college years waiting tables at the, now historic, Wynkoop Brewing Company and wandering the, then-vacant streets of lower downtown Denver, discovering wonderfully gritty joints along the way.


A teacher for many years, I enjoyed nurturing the creative and healing aspects of writing with students of all ages and backgrounds. Since retiring from that vocation, I began my career in journalism, writing for several Colorado publications.  I reflect on my parenting and teaching experiences in a regular column in the Denver North Star newspaper, Letters from Miss Jill.


When not writing, I immerse myself in meditative art-making or hop on my mountain bike to climb the rocky trails of the surrounding foothills. I currently split my time between Denver and Salida, Colorado with my husband Jeff, son Gray and dog Lexi.  My memoir is a reflection of all those journal entries compiled during my early life.  Getting Over Vivian is my love-letter to a Denver that is long gone.


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