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Writing to Save the World
A summer writing class for high school students interested in exploring the use of writing to support environmental awareness in their community.

June 3-7, 10am to noon, Salida, CO

As a freelance journalist and recently a memoirist, I have been encouraged to see that I can make a difference in my community through my writing. Over the years I have written about recycling better, water rights and gentrification (see my "Journalism" page).

Writing and communication in our culture has been failing. Despite all of the ways we can communicate via the internet and social media, misunderstandings abound and our language is becoming slaughtered with acronyms and misspellings. Grammar is often non-existent.

This is partly why, if you write and communicate well, you have a huge leg up in the world.


During this class we will transform a simple 5 paragraph essay into a choice of either creative non-fiction or a journalistic article based on each student's focus under the topic of "Save the World."

It is an understatement to say that there is a lot going on in the world right now and it can render many to feel helpless. Writing about it gives us empowerment to do something positive in this circumstance.


Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddist philosopher, reminds us through his writing that we live in a collective consciousness and through small gestures, we DO make a difference in the world.


Details: We will meet each day for that week to write. Our greater class project will become a booklet of our pieces that will be shared with our community with proceeds of each booklet sold going to a local environmental organization.

Please email me from my contact page with your questions or to enroll.

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